T. P. Chandrasekharan

Murdered RMP leader T. P. Chandrasekharan

The murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader T. P. Chandrasekharan raises ominous portents. There is little doubt that it a political murder. What makes it more serious is that a quotation gang had been used for a political murder.

Political murders are not unusual in Kerala, especially in Kannur and surrounding areas. The CPI (M) and RSS were mostly involved in such murders though violence from the part of Muslim League and to a lesser extend the Congress was not also unusual. Already, police are investigating two political murders in Kannur—of NDF activist Muhammed Fazal, who had defected from the CPI (M), and Muslim Student Federation leader Shukkur.

The investigations into the murder of Chandrasekharan have led to the finding that a quotation gang from Mayyazhi was behind the murder. The question to be answered now is which political party had hired them. What should worry the people is that political parties which command large sums from businesses are now starting to hire quotation gangs. Such parties would be worse than mafias and will have to be feared the most.

Earlier, we had heard of the police hiring quotation gangs to attack a journalist in Kollam. Now, that politicians are into it, it would not be longer that both collaborate in killings, if that has not already happened in the case of Chandrasekharan. People of Kerala should shudder at the prospect of police and politicians hiring quotation gangs for murder.