Credit: Sreedharan/WikipediaNot many attended Kamala Surayya’s remembrance on May 31. In Thiruvananthapuram, it was marked by a function organised by Kerala Kalakendram which did not get much attention.

One need not be a fan of her.  Outwardly Madhavikutty appeared to be a child woman with her eccentricities. But she had talent, imagination and style. Above all, she was an iconoclast. It was probably been the purpose of her writing.

It was evident that the leaders of the religion to which she was born or even the one she adopted at the end were not too happy about her conduct. Perhaps that explains why she is being easily forgotten.

Some raised eyebrows about the presence of Finance Minister K. M. Mani at the function.  What has he to do with Kamala Das? they asked. Well, Mani was using an opportunity that would not have come to him otherwise—Mr. Mani was occupying a cultural space vacated by others.

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