Kurinjil flowers in bloom

Neelakurinji in bloom

The bloom that attracted half a million visitors to Munnar in 2006 is back.

The legendary Neela Kurinji has bloomed this time about 35 km from Munnar, on a hill by the side of the Kochi-Madurai national highway.

The flowers this time is not as abundant as in 2006 though gregarious. They are inter- spersed with grass and bunches of kurinji flowers stand out amid them. Because of this and lesser publicity, there are fewer visitors to the hill close to the Mathikettan Shola National Park this time. And the flowers will dry up in a few weeks from now.

Kurnji (Strobilanthes kunthiana) flowers once in 12 years. However, not every group of plants completes their flowering cycles in the same year. So, there will be more than one gregarious bloom within 12 years at different locations. The Muthuva tribe used to count their age by the cycle of kurinji plants in their locality. And kurinji and its flowering is interwoven with the tribal lore and romanticism.

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