Thilakan and MammootyLet us view it as another movie. Thilakan is the underdog, superstars are the villains and innocent says that azhikode cannot have a role.

However, the issue cannot be taken lightheartedly as the matter involves organised attempt to deny work to an artist. There is a tinge of fascism in it. It smacks of feudalistic attitudes. It also violates the Constitutional right to pursue a profession of one’s choice.

Individuals will have their likes and dislikes about other individuals.  We can do little if a director or producer decides not to hire an artist for personal reasons.  But, organised denial of work falls into an all together different dimension. That is why criticism arose from people like Sukumar Azkhikode. No civilized democratic society could tolerate trade unions trying to infringe rights of workers, in the name of unionism.