KP Mohan attempting to jump over the desk as Opposition stages sit in in the well of Kerala Assembly

The happenings during the Kerala Assembly session that concludes this week did not raise the prestige of the House a bit, but diminished it considerably. KeralaViews does not propose to detail the happenings as they have been widely reported in the media.

The Opposition overdid the show to the advantage of the ruling United Democratic Front. The ruling Front would have concluded the session with some credit, but for the behavior of Agriculture Minister K. P.  Mohanan and UDF Chief Whip P. C. George. The self-goals by K. B. Ganesh Kumar and George outside the Assembly followed.

The penchant for exaggeration among politicians is understandable. Sometimes, it may even be good for rhetoric. However, use unparliamentarily words are not even expected of policemen.

What they don’t realise is that though their rhetoric may seem to yield some immediate gains; it is decent parliamentarianism that would decorate the annals of legislative history.

Minister for Water Resources T. M. Jacob, who died on Sunday, would be remembered just for that.  He was a legislator who studied the bills and issues and presented his points with notable legal comprehension. He had a few records too to his credit regarding performance in the Assembly. May his soul RIP.