Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev

The Government of India has nearly called the bluff of Baba Ramdev and his satyagrapha.

We saw the satyagrahi running away, wearing a woman’s attire and trying to escape from the police. Obviously, the five-star satyagrahi could bear a mild assault by the police. His followers too did not have the courage to stand their ground against police.

Satyagraha is the tool of fearless.  Gandhiji had often stressed the importance of fearlessness in the struggle against the British. Could one think of Mahatama Gandhi, on a satyagraha, running away from the British police? Or his trying to hide? Would he and his followers have shifted the satyagrapha venue even if they were in small numbers?

But a posse of Delhi police could drive away a 50000-strong crowd and Ramdev. This suggests that there were somebody behind pushing Ramdev to the show. He himself would not have volunteered for the show but for the pressure. That is because he is apparently not a courageous person.

It is also clear that those who need the comforts of air-conditioners cannot withstand the rigours of a fight against corruptionnd black money. The government correctly assessed that the agitation could not grow beyond the comforts of air cooled pandals or ashramam. Also, watch the Baba trying to win the protection of Mayavati, who herself had been accused of corruption, for continuing the satyagraha at Noida. That much for the fight against corruption!

This is not to say that the Congress had not been badly mauled. The Congress has no shields against the allegations of corruption faced by Ministers of the UPA government. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is seen as shielding or incapable of taking action against corrupt ministers. There is nagging doubts among public that UPA leaders too are among those who had slashed money abroad. Whether the Baba is effective or not in his fight against corruption and black money, it would be an uphill, if not impossible, task for the Congress to cleanse itself.