The Kerala Governor’s address to the Assembly this year, which did not, truly, had the approval of the State Cabinet points to gross irresponsibility.

The Chief Minister, V. S. Achuthanandan, has denied that the speech did not have the approval of the Cabinet. However, facts that had come out through information obtained under the Right to Information and Act and widely reported in the media suggests that the Chief Minister taking refuge in the fact that a Cabinet subcommittee had finalised the speech on authorization from the Cabinet. However, this has no constitutional validity according to the Opposition.

However, the incident is a symptom of a chronic disease. KeralaViews has written in the past about the lack of collective responsibility and deterioration if not absence of governance. It has also written about the itinerant Ministers who hardly attend to the job they had been entrusted with. And the Assembly failing to keep a tab on the Government. Having failed in administering the State properly, the Ministers are now turning to large scale distribution of benefits including title deeds for land to win the coming elections.

The Cabinet has actually shown disrespect to the Assembly by sending the Governor to the House with a speech that the Cabinet Ministers had not cared to read and approve. It can even be considered a breach of privilege of the House whatever be the explanation that would be offered by the Chief Minister.