Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor

Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor

The Congress is bent on fitting Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Thaoor in the same mould as other Congressmen.

Congressmen have taken umbrage to Shashi Tharoor’s remark on the twitter about travelling cattle class  and party is thinking of imposing a code on conduct on him. Mr. Tharoor is a man used to walk in full suit and travel in the air-conditioned comfort of his car or airlines. Congressmen have made him to don khadi and do all sorts of thing like travelling in an open ‘rath’ during the electioneering in Trivandrum.

He is a man used to jet setting in business or executive class from New York to the Gulf and Israel. The Congress now wants him to travel cattle class and eschew five star comforts.  He has money and he wants to spent it openly, not knowing the hypocrisy prevalent in the Congress.

There are many crore-pathis in the Congress. However, they would not flaunt the money as long as they have to win an election. Instead they would wear khadi and even make it appear worn out. The money will remain safe in Swiss banks and you can spend it in Israel or Singapore (as the leftists do). Take a train and then fly helicopter. Mr. Tharoor could have spent a night a la A. K. Balan (Minister for SC and ST in Kerala) in a tribal hamlet in the eastern reaches of his Constituency and then flown to some five star hotel in Delhi. Nobody would have winked an eye.

It seems that Shashi Tharoor has a lot to learn about being an Indian politician. His Western style humour or sarcasm would not be politically correct in India. Holy cows are holy cows in India and you cannot consider them as one among cattle.

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Humour in politics an occupational hazard!