labhammarketWhile the nation is experiencing deflation, Kerala is witnessing all round increase in prices of essential commodities including vegetables.

It is difficult to explain this situation through normal means. However, it becomes easy to explain it if we postulate that it is masterminded, probably with the aid of politicians. We are told that the price of rice jumped by Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 a kg because of transportation problems. Enough wagons were not made available by the Railways even while the new Minister of State for Railways E. Ahmed was talking of ending the neglect of Kerala in railway development.

So, the theory is that this is the results of elections– traders trying to recover the contributions they were forced to make to the political parties for funding the campaigns by artificially jacking up prices with the aid of those in power. The Opposition is not making any hue and cry over the price rise. The Government’s response is a lot of sound and fury from the party of the Food and Civil Supplies Minister and a few special markets in the cities. It is suggested that these special markets in the cities would help the consumers when the real sufferers of price rise is the poor villagers.

Kerala has seen such price rises, strict enforcement of helmet rules and even loss of trees from the forests when the politicians need money. This has happened under the present government also.