posterWhat the political parties in Kerala has achieved over the last 60 years is to increasingly communalise politics in the State.

It was no secret that all the political parties considered communal factors in fielding candidates for elections from the forties. The Congress developed it into an art by working out complex arrangements to achieve balance. CPI (M) leader E. M. S. Namboodiripad gave a new leash of life to the Muslim League, which Nehru had called the dead horse, in Kerala. It is not mere coincidence that the same party is now promoting the PDP.

The results of decades of communal pampering is that religions and communal outfits have become more demanding. The PDP is arm twisting everyone. The Catholic Church, which used to pay at least lip service to the principle of separation of the Church and the State, is now openly making demands for specific candidates. The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has gone a step further by proposing to field candidates. Other churches are also on the path of doing what they can. The CPI (M) is embracing both the right wing Jana Paksham and the PDP.

In this scenario, traditional communal outfits such as the Muslim Leauge, NSS and SNDP and even the RSS appear to be dwarfed.

The CPI (M)’s truck with the PDP reminds one of the Congress leader Indira Gandhi promoting Bindranwala in Punjab against the Akalis. It would not be long before such elements turn against those who mollycoddled them. At least UDF covnenor P. P. Thankanchan who printed the photo of PDP leader Abdul Nasir Maudhani on his campaign poster would have realised that by now.