KeralaViews completed one year on the Web on October 20. More than 9200 visitors and nearly 100 posts in a year. Here are some of the top posts.

Hartals galore in Kerala 554 views
This analyses losses from frequent hartals in Kerala. Pointers and statistics on number of hartals, losses etc.

US president, Indian middle class and food scarcity 346 views
U. S. President George Bush’s statement that prosperity of Indian middle class has led to spiraling of global food prices stirred up a debate. KeralaViews debunks the statement.

Film star Mohanlal as magician 328 views
Mohanlal is an actor with many fans. So, his decision to go in for a dare devil act raised much interest and concerns.

Achuthanandan’s image 184
This is the first post of KeralaViews. It was the top post until hartals, President Bush and Mohanlal overtook Achuthanandan. It is still among the most popular of the posts.

Here are some of the other top posts:

Let rupee appreciate, but check borrowings 176
Ponmudi: missing the woods for the trees 153
Hartals, the weapon of bankrupt political parties
How to protect sandalwood forests? 147
What is wrong with textbooks in Kerala 136
Kerala education sector: into an abyss? 132
Hartal over price rise is irrational 131

(Updated on October 20, 2008)