CPI State Secretary Veliyam Bhargavan

CPI State Secretary Veliyam Bhargavan

It is all clear for the special economic zones from the CPI. The CPI State secretary Veliyam Bhargavan has changed his stand overnight. If he was anticipating riots over special economic zone the previous day, it all became an instrument of progress the next day.

How this transformation came out is anybody’s guess. Some say that it is the pressure from the big brother CPI (M). Some like the Communist Marxist Party leader M. V. Raghavan say the differences were all about sharing of spoils. A veteran communist like Veliyam Bhargavan would not easily change his views. He has also the history of having resisted the big brother on a number of times. So, what happened? Mr. Raghavan’s suggestion appears to be more plausible.   (Mr. Bhargavan himself has not given any reason for his change of mind.)

A senior official once told this writer that what is in the way of development in the country is not militant trade unionism, but political corruption. While it would suffice to bribe only two in Tamil Nadu, you have to cater continuously to a large number of leaders ranging from the local trade union leader to those at top in Kerala. Many managements found this very difficult to cope with. Note that the AITUC is still revolting despite the volte-face by Mr. Bhargavan.

Note: Somesault is literal translation of the Malayalam usage ‘Malakammariyal’. It means a volte-face.