Baby M. A., Education Minister

Baby M. A., Education Minister

The Education Minister M. A. Baby has announced that applications for admissions to Plus 2 courses could be faxed to his office (Fax No. 91 471 2518482) up to September 2.

This confirms the allegation something is seriously wrong with the system of admissions. The colleges and nodal offices are not playing their role sincerely. So, the Minister’s office has to step in. It is also possible that the software used for the single window system is not working properly. There were complaints that even students with 60 per cent marks did not get admissions when more than 40000 seats were remaining vacant.

The Minister is now making an ardent effort to fill the vacant seats to ward off criticism. Though the Minister’s intentions are good, they would not do any good in the long run. What he should do is to make the system work at the lower levels. His job is not to dispense services, but to set policy and make the administration work.

Despite all the talk about decentralisation, it is pity that the buck stops only at the Ministers’ offices in several departments.