Floods in Alappuzha district- a file photo

Floods in Alappuzha district- a file photo

If the Kerala government is to be believed, Kerala is facing heavy rains and floods. It has declared around 650 of 1453 villages in the State as calamity-hit.

A few days ago, the government was lamenting shortfall in rain and the consequent power shortages. Nothing much happened between then and now except for some rain here and there.

So, how were large areas hit by heavy rains in Kerala. Perhaps, a look at the areas affected would throw some light. But for Alappuzha and Malappuram districts, it is the Revenue Minister K. P. Rajemdran’s home district that has been badly battered by the rains. While all villages in Malappuram and Alappuzha districts, home of prominent CPI (M) Ministers, were affected, 89 villages of Thrissur district came under heavy rains. While Kannur had a decent number of villages hit by heavy rain, Kozhikode had only 10.

Got a clue as to where the clouds are coming from? Well, the forecasts of political climate indicated early elections. So, it would not be a bad idea to distribute free rations and frills before the electoral storm gathers momentum.

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