Kamalahasan in film desavatharam

Kamalahasan in film dasavatharam

Kamalahasan’s latest film Dasavatharam is not on par with the actor’s other creations. Despite the hype surrounding its release, the film did not bring out anything more brilliant than his performance in other films.

He dons masks of various characters ranging from American President Bush to an old grandma. Simply because it is a masked performance, it falls far below his acting in Awai Shanmughi or Nayakan.  Concept wise, the film is far behind Hasan’s Pushpak.

Some of the sequences remind one MGR’s Ulakam Chuttum Valibhan and his techniques to achieve mass appeal. It also seems to be inspired by success films such as Annyan.

Though fashioned as a sort of a thriller, suspense is sacrificed in favour of hilarious situations. The main selling point of the film is that it is a full-length comedy with run of the mill comic situations, mounted one over another. Many may like the tempo of opening sequences (which totally avoids comic situations) and concluding sequences. Some of the special effects such as that of the tsunami are of high quality.

Keralite actress Asin is the heroine. Malliga Sherawath does a sizzling role.