An extract from the textbook- Page 20

An extract from the textbook- Page 20

Here are some “gems” from the textbook (not exhaustive, there are many more)

Page 9:

The roof was not thatched for the last years and so it was not friendly with the wall.

The family mix the previous day’s left over cooked rice with the rice soup they got form the landlord’s house and ate.

Children used to quarrel while discussing how they should act when father plucked them and how they should cook and eat.

At times they would have burning bites on the chilly.
(Idakkidacku karuthalode mulakilonnu kadikkum).

Page 10:
The far stretching farms and fields, swelling grounds and hill.
He reaps who sows (Vithittavan Vilakoyyum)

Page 14:
Highlights of reply talk of Smt. K. R. Gowri Amma to the discussion of Kerala Land Reform Bill

Page 20:
As they enter what faces them is a litter of waste remains on plantain leaves spread on the floor.

Page 31:
By bloodshed and intimidation, they started to rule and we were forced to become servants at orders.

Page 36:
The exhortation words thrilled the agitators with vibrant enthusiasm.

Page 46:
We have seen that the temperature received by the earth’s surface is not equal in all seasons.

Page 50:
The rain occurs from the sky without any cost.
The impact of the difference in the temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall is detrimental in nature.

Page 52:
If we want to retain rainwater in the soil in Kerala which has an inclined relief, the overland flow should be restricted.

Page 62:
The area encompassed between the place of origin of a river to the place where it is empties out is called the watershed.

Page 63:
Resurgence of water channels
Attappadi is a place in Kerala which stands out from the other places because of its peculiarity in relief, climate, ecosystem and social advantages. The place is situated at an altitude between 450 m to 2300 m above the mean sea level.

Here are some of the wrongly used words in the textbook

Chances instead of opportunities
Achieve instead of win
Resurged instead of revived
Wills and fancies instead of whims and fancies
Temperature instead of heat or sunshine
Rainfall instead of rain or rainwater

The latter two errors are serious since that would prevent pupils from understanding temperature and rainfall as measurement and quantity respectively.

The text is full of errors of punctuation and capitalisation. Many words have been mispelled. Several of the headlines could have been improved. The printing quality is poor.

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