Minister of Human Resources Development of India Arjun SinghIndian Minister for Human Resources Development Arjun Singh should be sympathised for his plight. When he suggested that Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi should be the Prime Minister, the All India Congress Committee termed him as sycophant. So, he decided to have some constructive criticism of the party to change his image. He commented that party affairs were in disarray for want of consultations at higher levels of the party. This unleashed a bigger barrage though he may probably have been telling the truth.

The party leadership chose the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Vayalar Ravi from Kerala to respond to Mr. Singh’s comments. It was the ‘right choice’ as Mr. Ravi is distant in every sense from Arjun Singh. He has no debts to repay to the former Chief Minister from Madhya Pradesh.

So, Mr. Ravi pounced on him harshly saying that Mr. Singh was trying to blackmail the party and that his statements were colourful lies. Mr. Singh has once again to express his loyalties to the Gandhi family and declare that the chapter is closed.

Well, what is behind all this noise? Many in Janapath circle feel that Mr. Singh is actually angling for the top post. They see a plot behind the energy that Mr. Singh had been displaying in recent weeks. What Mr. Singh failed to remember is this. In Congress, it does not matter whether you are a sycophant, sincere or loyal to the party, what matters is whether the Gandhi family considers you loyal. Mr. Singh is failing to pass this test, of late.

Tailpiece: Is Mr. Singh fit to be the Prime Minister of a country with a lot of people living below the poverty line? Remember that he was not sympathetic to Bhopal tragedy victims in his comments.