Newly inducted Ministers of Indian Cabinet on Arpil 6, 2008Another reshuffle takes place in Indian Cabinet with induction of two young Minister’s of State. Kerala’s Valayar Ravi got additional portfolio of Parliamentary Affairs, increasing his political stock.

Initial channel reports were that it was a joint operation by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Their signatures of both were visible, they said.

Understandable, though appointment of Cabinet colleagues is the prerogative of the Prime Minister (long back). But this morning, the media are saying that the reshuffle has the “stamp” of Rahul Gandhi, heir apparent of Sonia Gandhi.

The media are not quite clear on how or in what way. Is it because there are two ‘sonrises’ in the Cabinet with the induction of the sons of veteran Congress leader Jitendra Prasada and late Madhavarao Scindia into the Cabinet? Both Jyotiraditya Scindia and Jitin Prasada are young men with Doon School and Merill Lynch background. Are we to see the ‘stamp’ in the background of the new inductees? Or can Rahul Gandhi have his stamp in the Cabinet by merely getting two of his chums into the Cabinet? No questions please, you have to believe the media.

Mr. Singh should not be knowing whether to laugh or cry. The Cabinet still needs his signature. But the stamp is that of Rahul Gandhi when it comes to the reshuffle!