Kerala SecretariatThe LDF ministry in Kerala has thrown collective responsibility, which is the essence of the Constitutional Government, to winds. The Chief Minister and the Ministers do not trust each other. Consequently, the Chief Minister fails to provide leadership to the ministry. (It is not without reason that the democracies allow the Premiers to chose his Ministers. However, the coalition set up, divisions is the constituent parties and the practice of the communist parties in driving the Government from the back seat have made that an impossible ideal in Kerala.)

Opposing camps within the ruling Front leak out information to expose the Ministers and Chief Minister. Governance is practically at a standstill as the Cabinet is not functional in the real sense.

CPI (M) ministers are alleged to have taken CPI ministers for ride in regard to both the Merchiston estate and Cyber City deals. Several measures useful to the people are being stalled by Ministers with vested interest. A look at proposals rejected by the Cabinet would reveal that.

It is high time that the Chief Minister Achuthanandan put his foot down (to bring about order to his Cabinet and Government) or resigned from the post (if he cannot govern).