RupeesKerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Issac has announced that there would not be presenting a full budget next month: It would be again vote on account late in March. The reason cited is the CPI (M) party conference.

This may be the first time that any Finance Minister announced that his party functions affected the presentation of his Budget. Obviously, the Minister places interests of his party above the interests of the people.

For years, Plan expenditure lagged in the early months of the financial year. This led to an expenditure spree towards the end of the financial year. This year too was not an exception. In fact, Plan expenditure till now is one of the lowest. One of the reasons cited for this State of affairs is the late passing of the full budget. By spending his time fighting faction war at the party conferences, the Finance Minister has sacrificed the interests of the State.

There are also reports going the rounds that the Minister is actually waiting to get rid of Chief Minister Achuthanandan and his supporters from the Planning Board before he presented a full budget. The liberal propositions he want to make are hindered by dogmatic approaches of Mr. Achuthanandan and those in the Board.