Chief Minister of Kerala V. S. AchuthanandanKerala Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan has admitted that the squabbles among his Ministers have dented the image of his Government. What he has not said is that his lack of leadership and grip in the administration is largely to be blamed for the disquiet in his Cabinet.

Achuthanandan is just a group leader within his party, and do not have much sway over the Left Democratic Front constituents except when their interests coincide. The Chief Minister also lacks administrative experience and lacks an able team of officials to back him up in the governance of the State.

What worked for him as the Opposition Leader (like visits to problem spots) would not work for him now, as what people expect from him now is results. PR exercises like visiting the nunnery, where nuns had been killed when bricks from a nearby building site fell on their heads, and sanction of funds to their families is also not going to work. (A sidelight is that nuns are devotees who have left their families, offering their services to Jesus and the Church. Their family now is the nunnery.) Former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy had tried such exercises and failed. What people are watching for is whether he can check the builders and control the land mafia.

However, it seems that Achuthanandan and his Cabinet is not going to deliver what previous governments had also failed to deliver— an efficient administration that could spur the development of the State.

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