President of Kerala unit of BJP P. K. KrishnadasThe Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has dismissed one of its local members from the party in Thiruvanthapuram for assaulting a woman during the hartal called by the party on November 1.

The BJP State president P. K. Krishnadas said that Satheesh was being removed from the primary membership of the party for not abiding by party directive to the cadre that they should not cause difficulties to the public during the hartal. In that case, it is Krishnadas who should be ousted from the party first. He caused much hardship to the public at large by calling the hartal.

Anyway, the BJP ought to be commended for bowing to public opinion. This is the first time that any party had dismissed one of its members for violence during hartal/bandh. The party came under pressure from a campaign launched by the Indian Express and television footage of party supporter kicking the woman at East Fort in the city. Satheesh has since been arrested by the police.

Incidentally, United Democratic Front organised the largest number of hartals in Kerala this year. The year saw about 30 hartals by different political parties and organisations.