Kerala State Planning Board– under constructionThe Kerala State Planning Board is without a plan for its next meeting. The Board is chaired by the Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan and his nominee Prabhat Patnaik is the Vice Chairman.

The grapevine has it that the differences between Mr. Patnaik and those from the official group of the party such as the Finance Minister Thomas Issac have prevented the Board from meeting for a long time now. If the Board members could not agree on crucial policy issues, what is the point in a meeting?

While that may the thinking of those at the helm of affairs, people should be asking why then the State should have Planning Board at all. Like the good old Revenue Board, that too can be abolished especially when nothing in government is going according to plans. At least, some in the ruling Left Democratic Front would agree that consultants could do the job that the Board is supposed to do!

P.S. During the United Democratic Front administration, the Board did not have the full complement of members for years. This was because the Front constituents could not agree on their nominees!

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