A banner that appeared in Trivandrum city collegesCampus violence has claimed the life of an assistant sub inspector of police at the NSS Hindu College, Changanassery. The question on the lips of everybody is ‘who is guilty—the AISF, SFI or their affiliates from outside’. For the sophisticated, it is still an unresolved question. But, the common man already knows the answer.

Who will dare to kill a sub-inspector (when the LDF is in power)? Who has forcibly freed accused from police station? For the man on the street, the logic is straight and the answer is obvious.

Those who want more clues for solving murder can perhaps look at Home Minister Koidyeri Balakrishnan. Look, at the speed at which he rushed to Changanassery for damage control. Even the next of kin of the victims of tsunami had not got their solatiums announced within hours of the incident.

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