Senior NCP leader K. KarunakaranSenior National Congress Party (NCP) leader K. Karunakaran and his son K. Muralidharan know how to make news.

They are in a ‘bitter’ dispute over whether they should rejoin the Indian National Congress (INC). The son asks whether anyone had invited his father to Congress (INC) after humiliating him in a number of ways in the past. The father says that he had never left the Congress.

They know conflict is one of the elements of news, which the scribes are sure to pick up.

But there is more to the quarrel that meets the eyes. This is not the first time that the duo had differed violently. They play it so well that the differences would look real. The political advantage is that this could keep a divided flock together.

The father and son know there are people in the party who wants to rejoin the INC. At the same time, there are others who would detest that very much. Karunakaran and Murali would be rallying point for the respective groups.

The disagreement also provides them maneuverability in negotiating for seats in the Parliament elections. While the father is tapping the Congress, the Murali could negotiate with others for one or two seats.

Look at the riders that the NCP State president has put about his father’s moves while expressing views diametrically opposite to the statements made by Karunakaran. His father was not a person who would act against the wishes of the party supporters.

Finally, the State unit would abide by the decision of the national president Sharad Pawar when it comes to electoral alliances. That is, if Mr. Pawar continues the electoral alliance with the INC, there would not be any murmur from the State unit. Our sympathies are with those who care for us.

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