yachury.jpgBoth the Congress and the CPI (M) are gearing up for the elections. Despite the thaw in the fight between the two over the nuclear pact with the United States, both have not taken their sights off a mid-term poll.

Evidence for this is there in what the two parties are doing in Kerala. The UDF is continuing its agitations vigourously. It would not leave the Pariyaram issue to the courts and be satisfied with nothing less than the resignation of Forest Minister Binoy Viswam.

The CPI (M) is wooing the Muslims directly. The Government has already set up a committee to recommend on implementation of the Sachar Committee report on Muslims. And CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yachury is talking of religion based reservations while addressing a party convention on the report in Kozhikode. It is notable that the party was not leaning on the militant outfits in the community while organising the convention.

Not to be outdone, the League is jumping into the fray with efforts to rally people over the plight of the Kozhikode airport and attract Muslim groups into its fold. The BJP is trying to placate the Hindu fundamentalists by threatening communal clashes if Sachar report is implemented. The run up to the election is going to be messy.