Mons Joseph, Public Works Minister of KeralaMons Joseph of Kerala Congress became a Minister with an unusual record. He is the first Minister in Kerala, and probably India, to be selected for the job by a draw of lots. (It may even be a world first. Limca Book of Records, if not Guinness, may please note.)

He started, like most politicians, by stating that he was elected unanimously and then denying (or correcting) his statement at Meet-the-Press programme.

His programme, watched live on television, suggested that he is a no non-sense man. His roots are among the Central Travancore Christian community who migrated to become settlers in the High ranges and Malabar. The character traits of the settlers are determination, self-aggradisement with moderation and remembrance of once humble origins. Mons would do well if he keeps the State’s interests above the temptation for self-aggradisement.

The LDF Government has lost its sheen so far because its Ministers are ruling for their parties rather than for the people.